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Recap January 2024



Summary of January 2024 Signals:

In January 2024, a series of trading signals were issued, beginning with Signal #15 on January 4th and concluding with Signal #18 on January 31st. Here's a breakdown of the signals and their outcomes:

  1. Signal #15: January 4, 2024

    • Trigger: Sell breakout 2024
    • Entry Level: 2024 - 2064
    • Outcome: Tricky to manage, requiring manual intervention to avoid floating losses. Despite this, a floating profit of 80 pips was achieved before revisiting the entry.
  2. Signal #16: January 11, 2024

    • Trigger: Sell breakout 2013
    • Entry Level: 2013 - 2063
    • Outcome: Similar to Signal #15, manual management was needed to prevent floating losses. However, a floating profit of 120 pips was secured before revisiting the entry.
  3. Signal #17: January 25, 2024

    • Trigger: Buy breakout 2027
    • Entry Level: 2009 - 2027
    • Outcome: Marked a turning point with a successful buy signal. A floating profit of 360 pips, twice the box size was booked, signaling a recovery from the earlier signals.
  4. Signal #18: January 31, 2024

    • Trigger: Sell breakout 2030
    • Entry Level: 2030 - 2065
    • Outcome: Sold at 2030 with a floating profit of 150 pips before revisiting the entry, continuing the trend of requiring active management.

In summary, the first two signals were challenging and required manual handling to prevent floating losses. However, the later signals showed signs of recovery, particularly Signal #17, which yielded double the reward with a floating profit of 360 pips. Throughout January, traders experienced volatility but managed to adapt and capitalize on opportunities despite the initial challenges.




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